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OneWare provides pharmacies with cloud-based tools to maximize staff efficiency, enhance workflow, elevate patient care, improve accuracy and compliance, and boost ROI. Our scalable solutions use transformational technology for exponential growth and value.

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Maximize Staff Efficiency

Maximize Staff Efficiency

Enhance Workflow

Enhance Workflow

Elevate Patient Care

Elevate Patient Care

improve accuracy and compliance

Boost ROI

Boost ROI

"After using OneWare at my Pharmacy, I noticed a significant Reduction in processing time and a huge boost in staff performance. The enhanced workflow helped us to attract more business while keeping our patients first."

What you get

Zero data loss. Seamless transition. No hassles.

Because our solutions are cloud-based, our low start-up cost makes it easy to switch. Through the OneWare Portal, you have access to all your OneWare services and integrations in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Host multiple organizations and locations from the same dashboard, no need for additional infrastructure. We provide a high level of support and training for your entire workflow.

You are supported by OneWare, end-to-end.

Cloud-based solutions with low start-up cost
OneWare Portal Access to all Services and integrations
Host Multiple Organizations on a single infrastructure
Supported by OneWare

Driving growth through value-adding products and enhanced automation Solutions

Our groundbreaking solutions are engineered to synergistically create an ecosystem developed for success.

Enhanced Prescription Workflow

OneWare Rx Manager

Streamline your prescription case management: automate prescription onboarding, prior authorizations, and patient acceptance. We help you maximize the efficiency of your pharmacy staff.

OneWare Account Manager

Get paid easier—and faster. Automatically send customer invoices via email or text. Account Manager reconciles your invoices and payments.

OneWare CSR

Quickly track and review your pharmaceutical sales performance. Receive automated reports of your Sales Force efforts and always stay up-to-date on your sales numbers.

Workflow Enhancement Services

OneWare Service Connect

Expand the capability of your systems through feature extensions with our preferred partner, Exemius Business Solutions.

Case Management Icon

OneWare Therapy Manager

Provide an easy-to-use interface to create automation for prescriber protocols and prescription fulfillment.

Oneware Data Connect

Organize and house your data in a single location. Compile and transmit your data for third party analysis, or use our built-in automated analytics reporting in the Practice Management Dashboard.

Information Systems

OneWare DME

Streamline DME billing. Our integrated and automated system makes it easy to facilitate DME purchases for your patients.

503b LAB Icon

OneWare 503B LAB

Integrated production documentation system for 503b outsourcing facilities.

Physician Dispensing Icon


Coming soon! We are working on exciting new features for Physician Dispensing. Check back for updates.

Home Infusion Icon


Coming soon! We are working on exciting new features for Home Infusion. Check back for updates.


Coming soon! We are working on exciting new features for LTC Pharmacy. Check back for updates.



At OneWare, we believe in giving back to our community and advancing the future of personalized medicine, one student at a time, through education and tools.

If you are interested in providing OneWare software to your pharmacy school, please send us a message.

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